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Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj captures the culture of AlUla


Hassan Hajjaj’s photography stands out for its vibrant colors, unique fashion incorporating his own designs, geometric patterns, and vintage brands from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This distinctive style has garnered him international acclaim, positioning him as a leading figure in the world of photography.

In his exhibition in AlUla, Hajjaj showcased images captured during his visit to the ancient oasis town in February 2023. Originally planned to involve shoots with about 20 local individuals, the project expanded due to the influx of people during a period of artistic activities in AlUla. Despite initially facing challenges in finding participants, Hajjaj's team managed to gather a diverse group of around 100 people, including locals and visitors from other cities and countries.

Hajjaj describes his portrait sessions as more than just photography; they are almost like performances. With music and a lively atmosphere, his subjects dress up and engage in a day of creativity and self-expression. This approach creates a unique experience that brings out the personalities and spirits of the individuals he photographs.

A key aspect of Hajjaj’s approach is to establish a comfortable and genuine connection with his subjects. He aims to capture their true essence and personality, often creating a stage for them to shine while subtly guiding the process. This collaborative and organic method has been integral to his work from the beginning, rooted in capturing the spirit of people in authentic moments.

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