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Spain’s Proactiv Entertainment brings Peppa Pig to the UAE



DUBAI: Popular cartoon show “Peppa Pig” is coming to the Middle East for the first time.

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Spain’s Proactiv Entertainment will present a live show, titled “Peppa Pig’s Adventure,” from May 26-29 at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

The show’s managing director, Nicolas Renna, said that it caters to a preschooler audience, providing an “edutainment” experience where kids will learn and interact with the show while “laughing, singing and dancing.”

Renna told Arab News: “Historically the Peppa Pig live shows have had a resounding success across several regions thanks to their proven formula when it comes to live entertainment and we are delighted to bring this show for the first time to the region.”

The director said that he sees the Middle East as a growing market for the entertainment industry, “even more so in the past decade where it has solidified its position on a global scale becoming a reality.”

“After 35 years of operations in Europe, Proactiv Entertainment saw the Middle East as an ideal region to expand to both as event producers and promoters,” said Renna.

When analyzing the market in recent years, Renna said that he and his team realized that there was a “unique” opportunity to fill a gap within the preschooler live entertainment landscape in the UAE.

“We also came to the conclusion, through thorough research, that Peppa Pig is one of the top preschooler brands in the UAE,” he explained. “Taking this into consideration and knowing first-hand the global success of not only the Peppa Pig brand but also the Peppa Pig live shows, it was a no-brainer to bring the show to Abu Dhabi.”

The tickets for “Peppa Pig’s Adventure” are now available for purchase on Etihad Arena’s website.

Proactiv Entertainment is planning to bring more shows, musical concerts and exhibitions to the Middle East.

Renna said that last month the company announced its partnership with Ferrari to produce and tour their international exhibition “Ferrari Behind The Dream.”

“Knowing the historical affinity of the region with motor sports we are convinced that this unique exhibition will find its matching audience in the Middle East,” he teased.

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