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Dubai Media announces partnership with media tech company NEP Group

 Dubai Media has announced a new partnership with the US media technology company NEP Group, marking a strategic initiative to enhance the media sector in the region. This collaboration aims to strengthen cooperation and share expertise across various media service fields, focusing on improving logistical and technical capabilities and advancing the development of the media content industry.

Saleh Lootah, deputy CEO of technical support at Dubai Media, emphasized the organization’s commitment to developing the media content industry, which is among the fastest-growing sectors. The initiative aims to boost Dubai Media’s capabilities and logistical capacities while fostering in-house talent to produce high-quality media content aligned with Dubai's and the UAE’s developmental goals.

The memorandum of understanding was signed during the 22nd edition of the Arab Media Forum in May, emphasizing the partnership's goal to enhance cooperative relations between Dubai Media and NEP Group. Lootah highlighted that the partnership will leverage digital tools, technology, and human resources from NEP Group to support Dubai Media’s external broadcast operations both within and outside the UAE. This initiative is aligned with the strategic goal of establishing Dubai as a leading global content creation center.

Saeed Izadi, president of NEP Singapore, India, and Middle East, noted that the partnership will reinforce Dubai Media’s dedication to advancing the media sector and positioning Dubai as a premier global hub for content creation.

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