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6 radiant products to enhance your summer skin glow


Six Radiant Products from Arab Brands for a Luminous Summer Glow

  1. Nadine Njeim:

    • Glow Satin Illuminator Primer: This primer promises a smooth, radiant base for your makeup.
    • Glow Lighter Liquid Highlighter: Perfect for achieving a luminous summer glow.
  2. Bex Beauty:

    • Created by Emirati Yemeni singer Balqees Fathi, Bex Beauty offers a set of three highlighters in tan, rose, and gold, making it easy to choose the perfect shade for any occasion.
  3. Asteri Beauty:

    • For those who prefer powder highlighters, the Saudi brand offers the Desert Diamond Highlighter in a two-shade option: pink and yellow.
  4. Noha Nabil:

    • The Emirati-Egyptian influencer’s highlighters come in four shades with rich pigmentation, suitable for use on the face, lips, and body.
  5. Huda Beauty:

    • Expand your glow beyond your face with the Body Drip Shimmering Dry Oil, designed to add a radiant shine to your body.
  6. Mond:

    • This Egyptian brand’s highlighter not only provides radiance but also includes nourishing ingredients like sweet almond, macadamia, argan, coconut, and olive oils enriched with vitamin E.

These products from Arab brands ensure a radiant and nourished glow all summer long.

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