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Two detained after attack outside Israeli embassy in Belgrade

 The incident described in the article involves an attack outside the Israeli embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, characterized by authorities as a "targeted terrorist act." Here are the key points:

  1. Attack Details: A police officer on duty was shot in the neck with a crossbow by an assailant identified as a convert to Islam. The officer, in self-defense, shot and killed the attacker.

  2. Background of the Assailant: The attacker was from Mladenovac, near Belgrade, but lived in Novi Pazar, a significant center for Serbia's Bosniak Muslim minority.

  3. Investigation and Response: Authorities conducted searches and questioned dozens of individuals to determine any links to terrorist groups or the attack itself. Two men were remanded in custody as part of the ongoing investigation.

  4. Security Measures: Following the incident, security was heightened across Serbia, focusing on extremists and potential terrorist threats.

  5. International Response: Israel's Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, acknowledged Serbia's support and cooperation following the attack, emphasizing a stance against terrorism.

  6. Casualties and Impact: The police officer injured in the attack underwent surgery and was reported to be in stable condition. The incident occurred amidst ongoing tensions and conflicts involving Israel and Hamas.

This event underscores ongoing security challenges and the global impact of terrorism, with both local and international responses playing critical roles in addressing such incidents.

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