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Saudi Arabia’s Ceer signs $2bn deal with Hyundai Transys to supply EV drive systems

 That's an impressive partnership! Ceer's agreement with Hyundai Transys for EV Drive Systems is a monumental step forward for the Saudi automotive sector. This integrated Electric Drive System represents a significant leap in technology, combining propulsion, an inverter, and a reduction gear into one efficient unit.

James DeLuca's enthusiasm for integrating Hyundai Transys’ EDS technology into Ceer’s electric vehicles is well-founded. Not only will it improve power efficiency and streamline design processes, but it will also boost Ceer's competitiveness on a global scale.

Hyundai Transys' CEO, Steve Yeo, shares DeLuca's optimism, highlighting the potential for a long-term, successful partnership. This collaboration is not just about technology; it's about advancing the electric vehicle industry and driving innovation.

Ceer's role as Saudi Arabia's first EV brand, backed by the Crown Prince and supported by strategic partnerships, signifies a bold step toward sustainable transportation and economic growth. The projected contributions to GDP and job creation further underscore Ceer's importance in shaping the Kingdom's future automotive landscape.

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