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Informatica spearheads Saudi digital transformation with cloud-powered solutions

 Informatica Inc., in collaboration with Google Cloud, is set to play a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia's ambitious journey towards elevating its tourism and services to a "world-class experience" through cloud-powered digital solutions. In an exclusive interview with Arab News, Informatica's CEO, Amit Walia, expressed admiration for the Kingdom's rapid growth in tourism and its dedication to enhancing visitor experiences.

Walia highlighted Informatica's commitment to assist in achieving this goal by leveraging data and technology in key areas such as transportation, accommodation, and leisure facilities. The company's expertise in connecting and managing data across multi-cloud systems and facilitating modern business strategies positions it as a strategic partner for Saudi Arabia's digital transformation.

The CEO emphasized the critical role of cloud technology and data management in driving digital advancements, particularly in the context of AI. He stressed that high-quality data is essential for accurate results in AI applications, and Informatica's 30 years of experience in data management uniquely positions it to support Saudi Arabia's digital aspirations.

Informatica's recent launch of its AI-powered Intelligent Data Management Cloud platform in the Kingdom, in collaboration with Google Cloud, underscores its commitment to local partners and organizations. The platform's deployment on Google Cloud infrastructure in Riyadh ensures compliance with local regulations and enhances support for Saudi Arabia's digital ecosystem.

With plans to open its first office in the Kingdom and a strong focus on developing local partnerships, Informatica is poised to accelerate Saudi Arabia's digital transformation journey. Walia expressed confidence that the company's growth in the Kingdom will surpass that in any other region, reflecting Informatica's strategic investment and commitment to Saudi Arabia's vision of becoming a global leader in cloud-powered digital services.

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