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Civil Defense conducts bus fire drill in Mina

 The Civil Defense Forces recently conducted a fire simulation exercise inside the King Fahd Tunnel toward Mina, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency. This drill involved a simulated bus fire and included participation from various relevant authorities. The exercise's primary objectives were to improve evacuation procedures, assess gas and pollutant levels during a fire, practice smoke removal techniques, and enhance firefighting tactics.

These annual exercises are essential for the Civil Defense Forces to maintain high levels of preparedness, particularly in anticipation of the Hajj season. Their commitment ensures the safety and security of pilgrims by enabling effective emergency response strategies.

To further ensure safety, the Civil Defense has heightened its readiness in Mina to accommodate pilgrims. This includes several measures such as increased monitoring of risk factors within Hajj pilgrims' camps through intensified field inspections and ensuring that Hajj pilgrimage institutions adhere strictly to safety instructions and procedures.

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