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Amsa Hospitality aims to enable a sustainable future with innovative ideas for a greener tomorrow

Riyadh, June 27, 2024 - Taking a significant step toward environmental responsibility, Amsa Hospitality is proud to announce an initiative to promote recycled products by providing backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles for its employees and business partners.

Creating backpacks from recycled plastic bottles is an innovative process that involves collecting used bottles, shredding them into flakes, and then melting them into polyester fibers. The fibers are woven into a fabric, then cut and sewn into backpacks.

Amsa Hospitality is a pioneering Saudi hospitality company aligned with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, including ensuring a greener future for the Kingdom and the planet.

Aamir Riaz, Chief Operating Officer of Amsa Hospitality, said, “Environmental sustainability is a must-have in Amsa Hospitality’s daily operations. Using products created from recycled waste promotes resource conservation and energy efficiency. Indeed, producing recycled PET fabric consumes less energy than producing new polyester from petroleum.”

The first 500 backpacks were given to visitors at last month’s Arabian Travel Market. Amsa Hospitality aims to further its dedication to sustainability by exploring additional recycling possibilities.


Founded in 2020, Amsa Hospitality has pioneered as the first Saudi-born startup redefining the hospitality sector, with a special emphasis on Arabian hospitality. The company’s mission is to smoothly integrate the rich, ancestral Arabian traditions of generosity and welcoming into the contemporary world. Collaborating with selected partners, Amsa Hospitality addresses the numerous opportunities and challenges facing today's hotel industry.

For more information, visit our website. Or connect with Amsa Hospitality on: LinkedIn | Instagram | X | Facebook | Threads | YouTube


Miret Padovani

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