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Children enjoy ooey, gooey paradise at Jeddah’s Slime Planet


JEDDAH: Jeddah Season this year is offering a Slime Planet experience for children at the City Walk.

Slime Planet features creative areas such as slime stations, where children can make slime from scratch with the help of supervisors. About 14 children and four leaders can take part at each slime station.

Each child gets the option to customize their slime creations with glitter, stars and foam. Once finished, they can use provided jars to take their creations home.

The venue also features a giant slime station, where two leaders direct two groups of 20 children to make giant slime bubbles and play fun-filled games.

Slime Planet also has a wall of slime, which each child can decorate with their own small slime.

After dressing in raincoats, boots and goggles for safety, children can also experience a slime shower machine.

Nazari Seif, a leader at Slime Planet, said: “It’s our priority to take utmost care of our little guests and hence, the slime that we used is made up of safe recipes and harmless products, making it completely safe for the children. At Slime Planet we aim to create slippery, slithery slimy masterpieces.”

She added that once children are finished with activities, there are dance and game shows for families to enjoy. “Every day there are eight to nine shows. Our slime arena is jam-packed with fun, music, and most importantly slime games, giving guests the experience of a green, gooey paradise,” Seif added.

Parents have found that Slime Planet is a great way to keep their children entertained and engaged.

Jooda Al-Ahmad said: “I came with my daughter for the first time and the experience was amazing. It was a sensory delight for her. We’re often worried about children making a mess, and besides, the most important part is to clean it up. Slime Planet allows children to get their hands as slimy as they can and have fun sticking it on the wall.”

Another parent, Racha Al-Ahmad, said: “It is a very well-organized event and something new for the kids in Jeddah. My son loves to play with slime all the time and coming here was heaven for him. He also got a chance to take a slime shower, which he enjoyed the most.”

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