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Egypt: BDS condemns hosting Israel music festival in Sinai

Egypt's Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has strongly condemned hosting an Israeli music festival at Egyptian army-owned facilities in the Sinai Peninsula, The New Arab news website reported on Friday.

Tolip hotel, located in Sinai, plans to host the Israeli music Nabia Festival as part of the Jewish celebration of Passover.

According to The New Arab, the Nabia festival is set to be held from 17 April to 20 April at the Tolip Resort and Spa in Taba city.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Streets website reported that the Grounded Festival 2022  is being held further away from the Egyptian-Israeli border at Syn Beach Club in Nuweiba Club Village.

"Every year we take pride in the heroes of the 1973 war with our family and neighbours. We listen to the heroic stories of resistance and how the [the Bar-Lev Line] was crossed, which the enemy considered impossible," Egypt's BDS posted on Twitter.

It added: "We realise [now] that the Zionist occupation has returned to Sinai again."

According to BDS: "The Zionist organisers of the festivals act as if Sinai is theirs and they invited people from all over the globe to attend," reiterating: "This comes at the expense of Egypt's sovereignty. This is an insult to Every Egyptian."

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