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Arabic Music Ensemble to Start Ramadan Celebrations

Cairo Opera House will initiate its Ramadan events with a concert for Abdel Halim Nuwayra for Arabic Music Ensemble on Thursday, April 7 at the Grand Theater.

Conducted by Salah Ghobashy, the group will perform several selections from classical Arabic musical gems for several legendary musicians such as Gamal Salama, Farid Al Atrash, Mohamed Fawzy, Baligh Hamdy, Sayed Mekawy, and Riyad Al Sunbaty.

The performance will be presented by several voices Rehab Omar, Amira Ahmed, Nehad Fathy, Mostafa Al Negdy, Ibrahim Rashed, and Walid Haidar.

It is worthy to mention that Abdel Halim Nuwayra Ensemble was founded in 1967, and it aims to present the gems of classic, and heritage of Arabic Music legacy.

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